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The Triple Pounder

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Attachment Hole

Are you hungry?

The Triple Pounder is going to fill you right up. We always design toys because we want to help you grow your hole and this one is no exception. Warm up on the top portion and feel the stretch as you lower to it's middle. If you're really hungry, descend into bliss on this very filling toy. The Triple Pounder (actual weight is 2.4 pounds) is a perfect work out toy to keep your hole in shape. With 3 levels of stretch, it offers excellent value.

There is an option to add an attachment hole to your Triple Pounder. If you are using the attachment hole, make sure to lubricate it to avoid damage in that area.

Not sure about firmness?

Soft is about 00-30 on the Shore Hardness Scale. It's more forgiving and will adapt more to the shape of your hole. It'll also squeeze more at entry. Soft is an excellent choice for safety and training.

Medium is about 00-50 on the Shore Hardness Scale. It won't squeeze on itself as much. While that can be an advantage, it's also harder to take, especially in bigger sizes. Those that like to play harder might prefer this option.

It's up to you!