You should always clean your toys every time you play with them, including the first time. Friendly Toys are made of 100% laboratory certified body safe platinum silicone. They are non-porous and heat-resistant to 230 degrees celsius (450 Fahrenheit). That means they can be properly sanitised. They can be boiled.


You can store platinum silicone toys with other platinum silicone toys. Never let your Friendly Toys touch vinyl or PVC rubber toys. Even surfaces that were previously in contact with those materials should be avoided. If that happens, your toy will become sticky as the chemicals in those toys will start breaking down the silicone. We recommend storing your toys individually in cotton bags.


Use a lot of water-based lube. PolyEthyline Oxide powder mixed with water works best. There are several brands available. Avoid the brands that use sugar as a dispersing agent. Mix it with clean water to your preferred consistency in a sports bottle shortly before play. It is very economical.

You can also use grease such as Crisco. It doesn't dry out but it is much harder to clean off.

Do not use silicone lube on silicone toys. It is almost impossible to clean off.