a hole new thing

Are you ready to experience something completely new? We created a unique, high tech texture to make holes bloomy and noisy. It's like nothing else.

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Fist Kit

No experience necessary

Want to get into fisting? This super popular kit includes three Knuckles designed for stretching your hole to fist size. All for an unbeatable price.

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Your new best friend

Buster is always on time. Buster never flakes. Buster is always there for you. Buster never disappoints. Buster will bust you open. Get ready for the ride of your life!

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The Knuckle

the best fist plug

If you want to fist then you probably want a Knuckle. We got you covered from complete beginner to biggest hole in the world. With 8 sizes, 5 colours and 2 firmness options, we have a Knuckle that is right for you.

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The Triple Pounder

fills you right up

Need to accelerate this mission? Sometimes the most simple shapes will get you the fastest results. The Triple Pounder is a tool that will grow with you for a long time. It provides three levels of stretch in one ergonomic design.

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Friendly Pig

Friendly Pig is the adorable official mascot of Friendly Toys. 100% of profits from Friendly Pig merch are set aside to support the fisting community.

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