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The Knuckle 46

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How is this possible? 

You're here because not many toys can fill the enormity that is your hole. At 4.6 inches wide and 14.6 inches around, The Knuckle 46 is just giant. We adapted the design of the original Knuckle slightly by extending the base leaving you with more room for play. The Knuckle 46 has been created to challenge the largest holes on the planet. Are you part of that club?

Sizing (in inches)

Max Diameter 4.6

Max Circumference 14.6

Max Neck Diameter 3.4

Max Neck Circumference 10.5

Insertable Length 9.0

Not sure about firmness?

For this massive toy we recommend soft.

Soft is about 00-30 on the Shore Hardness Scale. It's more forgiving and will adapt more to the shape of your hole. It'll also squeeze more at entry. Soft is an excellent choice for safety and training.

Medium is about 00-50 on the Shore Hardness Scale. It won't squeeze on itself as much. While that can be an advantage, it's also harder to take. Those that like to play harder might prefer this option.

It's up to you!