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The Knuckle 40

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You have quite the hole there!

And we have the perfect stretch for it.

The Knuckle 40 is for people that love a relentless and yes, beautiful stretch.

The conic top will lodge itself right in the opening of your second hole while the rest of the toy will push against the walls of your crater.

It really feels like double fisting!

If you have a big hole or if you're looking to up your double fisting game, this one is for you!


Sizing (in inches) 

Max Diameter 4.0

Max Circumference 12.6

Max Neck Diameter 2.8

Max Neck Circumference 8.9

Insertable Length 8.0


Not sure about firmness?

We recommend soft for this item because of it's size.

Soft is about 00-30 on the Shore Hardness Scale. It's more forgiving and will adapt more to the shape of your hole. It'll also squeeze more at entry. Soft is an excellent choice for safety and training.

Medium is about 00-50 on the Shore Hardness Scale. It won't squeeze on itself as much. While that can be an advantage, it's also harder to take. Those that like to play harder might prefer this option.