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Buster 34

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Buster 34 is now available!

This size is sure to please a lot of holes. A perfect stretcher with 3 amazing levels.

Extremely satisfying to sit on and ride. It is very sturdy. You are getting a LOT of silicone with Buster. 

This toy is highly recommended if you are looking to add more width to your hole. With three levels there is a lot of room for growth. At 8 inches insertable it will tunnel you out beautifully and prepare you for even wider and deeper sessions.

You need a toy like Buster in your arsenal. 

Due to the weight distribution of Buster 34, we recommend using a strap system when mounting. Attachment hole is only available on request.

Dimensions (in inches)

Max Diameter                    3.4

Top Circumference           8

Middle Circumference     9.5

Bottom Circumference     10.5

Insertable height               8