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Friendly Toys

Buster 38

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You need a friend like Buster in your life! 

Buster is always there for you. Buster never disappoints. Buster is always on time. Buster never flakes. Buster will bust you open. Get ready for the ride of your life!

Its so sturdy it's made for riding hard. You will feel every ridge as it goes in and out. Just taking the beautiful top portion is a thing of bliss and beauty. As you continue down this toy, you will experience a completely beautifully overwhelming sensation of stretch and fill. It's out of this world!

Due to the weight distribution of Buster 38, we recommend using a strap system when mounting. Attachment hole is only available on request.

Dimensions (in inches)

Max Diameter                    3.8

Top Circumference           9.0

Middle Circumference     10.5

Bottom Circumference     11.5

Insertable height               9.0

Total height                       10.0